When Taiji Meets Aloha

Target audience: Chinese Millennials and seasoned travelers


Renowned Taijiquan Master


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The Story

Sharing Aloha Through Taiji

From breathtaking vistas and sand-colored beaches to the welcoming Aloha Spirit, Hawai’i’s awe-inspiring natural environment makes it ideal to practice Taiji – the Chinese art of well-being.

Positioning the Hawaiian Islands as a popular wellness and fitness destination, we partnered with renowned Taiji master Ren Guangyi to introduce Chinese travelers to the resplendent and healthy nature of the islands. Through a series of initiatives that were in line with the Happy Healthy Hawai’i theme, which included a short film, invention of a Hawai’i Taiji routine and several morning classes, we successfully married both Eastern and Western cultures and penetrated a new market.

The Goal

Bringing Taiji To Hawai’i

Master Ren Guangyi2

As Hawai’i Tourism Board’s representative, we were tasked to reach out to the vast China market and inspire people to travel. Collaborating with famed Taiji Master Ren Guangyi, we created a short film featuring the shifu’s routine and welcomed him to showcase his art form to travel professionals at the 2016 Hawai’i Tourism Conference.


We also wanted to promote Hawai’i to the Chinese by inviting Master Ren to offer wellness tips at popular fitness gyms in Beijing.

The Solution

When Taiji Meets Aloha


Throughout a one-year period, we organized a three-part campaign comprising of activities and events that promoted both Master Ren and Hawai’i to the target audience.

First, to gain attention, we partnered with broadcaster China Central Television to create a short film highlighting the master’s unique techniques specially developed for the Happy Healthy initiative. Inspired by the destination’s stunning natural beauty, culture and Ho‘okipa beach, the Hawai’i Taiji routine blended Eastern and Western cultures into a 15-minute demonstration. Master Ren also shared his personal experience teaching Taiji on the Hawaiian Islands to Chinese Millennials.


Next, we further strengthened the campaign by positioning Master Ren as a fitness ambassador at the 2016 Hawai’i Tourism Conference, where he led 100 travel professionals in sunrise Taijiquan movements set against a breathtaking backdrop of azure blue sky.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

In addition to Master Ren’s appointment as fitness ambassador, we named him International Health & Wellness ambassador. Hawai’i Tourism China invited him to the 2017 Happy Health Hawai’i Press Conference in Beijing where, in the presence of over 38 leading media outlets, was presented the Happy Healthy Hawai’i Award.

Taiji Class Group Photo

We also took the opportunity to warmly welcome Master Ren to host a Taiji class for Chinese at Will’s Gym, an upscale gym in Shanghai, during Fitness Week.

By marrying Eastern and Western cultures and practices, we were able to capture the interest and attention of Tier 1 media and successfully generated a PR Value of USD 2.72M USD and over 86.8 million views.

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