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The Story

Sparking Travel Through Science!


When it comes to science and innovation, the USA is a world leader. It is no wonder youths from all around the world, in particular, Asia, flock to America during the summer holidays to attend science camps.

As Brand USA’s representative in Taiwan, our task was to drive incremental travel by promoting America as a destination with a plethora of opportunities to offer budding scientists. Collaborating with the Houston Association for Space and Science Education (HASSE) and leading business publication Business Weekly, we publicized 4 school summer camps incorporating astronomy, biology and robotics, targeted at middle and high-income families with youths.

The Goal

Science for Life

We promoted both the USA and the HASSE Science Summer Camps in Business Weekly to encourage Taiwanese families to sign youths up for the holiday programs. At the same time, we wanted to position the USA as a nation that is at the forefront of Science, Technology and Engineering.

The Solution

Attend HASSE Summer Camp!

Along with the recent trends in robotics and artificial intelligence, HASSE and its partnering educational institutions and research bodies developed 4 summer camps – Space Camps 1 and 2, Robotics Camp and Biology Camp. Held in Houston and Huntsville. The summer camps aim to inspire youths to take their scientific pursuits a step further and expose them to limitless opportunities!

2016 HASSE Summer Camp_Robot_DP (1)

We developed a series of 3 colored advertisements highlighting all 4 HASSE educational camps. Each advertisement featured attractive larger-than-life images and punchy copy-writing to capture the attention of busy Taiwanese PMEBs parents. We also had them printed in Business Weekly.

The science summer camps proved to be a major hit among both parents and youths, successfully generating 900,000 views and a participation rate of 110 students.

  • 35 youths attended HASSE Space Camp 1 in Houston, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama
  • 29 youths attended Space Camp 2 in Houston and Huntsville
  • 14 youths signed up for Biology Camp at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas
  • 32 youths went for the Robot Camp, also in Houston and Huntsville

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