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Target Audience: Hong Kong long-haul travel lovers and foodies


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The Story

The USA Is A Food Haven!

Food is a unifying force to be reckoned with and can bridge the cultural divide between communities.

As Brand USA’s representative in Hong Kong, our task was to whet Hong Kong Millennials’ appetite for American travel and spark visitation. We developed the integrated campaign ‘USA Food Heroes’ comprising of a gamified microsite, food guide, Facebook fan page and a marketing mix to bring out the significance of the USA’s food culture.

In addition to that, we actively promoted engagement and drove viewers’ interests on a plethora of digital platforms, including Weibo and WeChat.

The Goal

An Appetizing Event

Through the development of an integrated marketing campaign that was focused on the USA’s culinary culture, we aimed to generate buzz about the destination.

At the same time, the goal was to entice people to know more about the USA and to celebrate the significance of its endless culinary creativity.

The Solution

Exposure Measures Up to Experience

Featuring a flavorful initiative that puts a smile on people’s faces and warms their stomach, USA food heroes is…all about food! A colorful food guide showcasing the origins of the region’s cuisine was created to get people to discover and explore the destination.

We designed an engaging website featuring the 50 States of the USA and their culinary stories to whet visitor’s appetite for America. We also collaborated with popular Hong Kong food bloggers Herbert Lui, Stone Ip, Supersupergirl, James Hong and Nat & Hiro to share reviews of their favorite American diners, encouraging Millennials to browse the website and understand more about food in the US! The reviews were also amplified on Discover America – HK’s social media channels. Several prolific chefs from Michelin-starred diners to casual eateries were profiled on the website, including Michael Chiarello, Tim Bryes, Austin Fry and the Pololi Team.

We also spiced things up with games, a lucky draw and prizes. Lucky winners walked away with over 1,450 attractive awards sponsored by our partners, including Delta Air Lines round trip tickets, a 6-night hotel stay at Best Western Hotel, HK$10,000 worth of travel vouchers from Hong Thai Travel, Brand USA & Delta Air Lines souvenirs, U.S. dining vouchers, Virginia wines, Starbucks coupons and Discover America food guides.

USA Food Heroes garnered a total of 19,541 page visits and a public relations value of US$641,025.

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